PGP Energy: Natural Gas Prices More Than Double from Last Year

Natural Gas prices are at 7-year highs and many analysts are predicting that they will go even higher! Electric prices have increased recently as demand has been growing. Now is a great time to let PGP Energy help your clients save money on their energy expenses. Natural Gas traded at $2.1 a dekatherm in October… Read More

PGP Medicare & Senior Support Reminder

With the upcoming Medicare Open Enrollment right around the corner (October 15, 2021 through December 7, 2021) we wanted to remind you that our PGP Medicare Division is here to help support the needs of your senior clients and groups with an aging population. The PGP Medicare Team can help with:  Review of 2022 Medicare Open Enrollment Options for Medicare Eligible… Read More

New Medcom ERISA Compliance Package Developed for PGP

To help support the compliance needs of our broker partners and their clients we’ve partnered with Medcom to develop the ERISA Supreme Plus Compliance Package with special Q4 pricing, enhanced resources and a much more hands on approach.  Below highlights what’s included: Dedicated ERISA Compliance Specialist and Account Manager ERISA Implementation Guidance and Support ERISA… Read More

Partner Spotlight: Smylen – the Smart Dental Benefit

Smylen works with or without dental insurance and provides a great opportunity to add value for clients and grow your commission.  With Smylen Dental you can:  Boost participation in groups with voluntary dental Offer a flexible option to 1099’s, PTE’s, associations, & more Supplement traditional insurance plans It’s easy to include Smylen in all your… Read More

PGP Partner Spotlight: Garner Engagement-Based HRA

How can Garner benefit your clients? Garner is a simple plan addition that drives more care to the highest quality doctors nearby, generating significant savings and better health outcomes for both fully-insured and self-insured groups. 5-20%+ savings for employers Lower out of pocket for employees Simple setup Keep existing network and carrier How does Garner work? With more claims… Read More