Out-of-Area Network Change for Oxford Liberty Members

  Effective for new business and upon renewal for existing business, beginning with September 1, 2022 plan effective dates, Oxford members of a Liberty Network plan will have the UnitedHealthcare Core Network for out-of-area coverage. They will no longer use the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network for national network access. This change applies to fully insured, self-funded and level… Read More

Horizon Update: Small Employer Certifications To Be Reinstated

See below Brief Notes from Horizon Regarding Reinstating Small Employer Certifications   Horizon Brief Notes Applies to: Small Employer Market Annual Certifications Reinstated Beginning With October 1, 2022 Anniversary Dates With the end of New Jersey’s COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration, Horizon will reinstate the New Jersey Small Employer Health (NJSEH) and Small Business Health Options… Read More

 Oxford/UnitedHealthcare 4/1 New York Small Group Renewal Error

Oxford/UnitedHealthcare has advised that due to an administrative error, all New York 4/1 Small Group renewals were delayed beyond the 2/1 release date that NY State requires.   As a result of this administrative error please note the following: Impacted groups will have their current rates held for one additional month if they renew as-is. The renewal rates will… Read More

Horizon Brief Notes: Member Cost Sharing for Most Telemedicine Visits Will Resume 2/3

See Horizon Brief Notes Below Regarding Member Cost Sharing for Most Telemedicine Visits Will Resume 2/3/22   Horizon Brief Notes Applies to: Fully Insured Commercial Market Health Plans Member Cost Sharing for Most Telemedicine and Telehealth Visits Will Resume Effective February 3, 2022 Horizon has always been committed to making sure members have access to… Read More

Updated Guidance on Coverage of OTC COVID-19 Tests

Over-the-Counter, At-Home COVID-19 Tests Must Be Covered Effective 1/15/22 (carrier polices for coverage available below in PDF format) On January 10, 2022, the Depts. of Labor, Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Treasury issued FAQ guidance regarding the requirements for group health plans and health insurance issuers to cover over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 diagnostic tests. As of… Read More