Changes to Oxford New York ID Cards

  Under New York health insurance regulation, the requirements for information shown on a health insurance identification (ID) card recently have been expanded. The additional requirements apply to new and renewing policies with May 1, 2021 and later effective dates. In compliance with these requirements, Oxford has updated the health plan ID card used with… Read More

2022 New York Paid Family Leave (PFL) Rate and Benefit Amounts

The Department of Financial Services (DFS) set the NY PFL rate and benefit amounts for 2022 as follows: The maximum contribution rate for PFL will be 0.511% of the employee’s gross annualized wages capped at the New York State Average Weekly Wage (NYSAWW) of $1,594.57 per week for 2022.  This means the 2022 maximum annual contribution per employee for PFL is… Read More

Small Group Federal Open Enrollment Reminder

1/15/21 through 12/15/21 all carriers (NO EXCEPTIONS) The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurers to offer a one-month Special Open Enrollment Period, where eligible small groups can enroll in coverage without having to meet standard employer-contribution and/or employee-participation ratios. The Special Open Enrollment Period allows eligible small groups to enroll for coverage for a… Read More

2021 Horizon BCBSNJ Creditable Coverage Notice Reminder

See below from Horizon’s Brief Notes regarding the upcoming Creditable Coverage Notice Deadline – October 15, 2021 Applies to: All markets Creditable Coverage Notice Reminder Health plan sponsors (employer groups) that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible employees and their dependents are required to notify those employees and dependents whether their coverage is creditable or non-creditable. Notifications… Read More

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice Reminder 2021

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice Reminder – Due by October 14, 2021 A Medicare Part D plan provides prescription drug coverage under Medicare. The Medicare Part D notice, required by the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) at least once a year provides information to individuals enrolled in Medicare about whether employer-provided prescription drug coverage is… Read More