Join us for a Budgie Health Broker Learning Webinar Thursday May 2, 2024 at 10:30 am EST

Professional Group Plans and Budgie Health are hosting a Broker Learning Webinar on Thursday 5/2 at 10:30 AM EST to provide an overview of the Budgie Health Solution and partnership with Professional Group Plans. 

About Budgie Health
Budgie Health is the first Benefits Decision Support Solution that gives employees real-time access to their health claims data, helping them make better enrollment, spend, and utilization decisions. Unlike other solutions that require employees to answer questions and use an algorithm to make plan recommendations, Budgie Health utilizes actual claims history to support employee decision-making from Open Enrollment and beyond. 

Budgie Health will send employees push notifications and text messages throughout the Plan Year utilizing the same data to help them make the best choices for their medical needs. For example, if an employee filled a maintenance medication at a retail pharmacy, they would receive a notification reminding them they can save money by using the carriers mail order option with links to sign up.

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