Winter is Coming Which Means Energy Rates Will Rise. PGP Energy Can Help.

Energy prices have continued to climb in 2022 hitting all-time highs. Unfortunately rates historically increase as we head into the winter months which means that employers may face even higher costs in 2023. Good news is we can help!

Did you know that your local utility can only offer customers a monthly VARIABLE rate that fluctuates every month? We can offer customers a FIXED locked in rate that does not change for the life of the contract. This gives customers budget stability and predictability with no surprises. Business owners that are on a variable rate this year are in disbelief as to how much they are being charged.

Our customers that have locked into a fixed rate through us have saved MILLIONS of dollars this past year!

PGP Energy shops the entire market to see which suppliers are offering the best fixed rates.

Advantages of locking into a fix rate:

  • Budget stability and predictability
  • still receive one bill from the utility. Our suppliers rates appear on the utility bill
  • Utility still responsible for all customer service

This is a great way for you to help your client’s save money, increase your value, add new customers and add additional residual income to your revenue stream with no servicing. 

Click here for our Energy Flyer that explains the process and can be shared with  clients