Webinar Invite: Introduction to Surest – A new UHC Plan Option

Please join us for an introduction to Surest
A new plan option from UnitedHealthcare for Large Groups
Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 3pm ET 


What is Surest?

  • Surest is a full-service ACA-compliant health plan that utilizes the national UnitedHealthcare network with ASO and Fully-Insured options.
    • ASO is available in all states except Hawaii.
    • Fully-Insured available in 25 states across the country.
      Click Here for the Fully-Insured availability Map. 
  • Surest delivers a simple plan design and easy member experience replacing deductibles and coinsurance with copays that members can see before they seek care. Surest sets these copays based on the cost and quality of treatments and providers. 
  • For members, these copays include all the services provided in a visit, eliminating the fuzzy math of deductibles and coinsurance and the frustration from unexpected charges.

The result?

  • Employers save up to 15% and employees have 46% lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • Surest is clear, easy and affordable. It’s the fastest growing plan option in the country – offered to over 2 million employees across 350 clients and growing.
  • People love it; 8 in 10 members say they would be disappointed if Surest were no longer an option.