Partner Spotlight: Vive Integrated HSA and Credit Program

Vive Integrated HSA and Credit Program

Vive is a modern solution to HDHP shortfalls that integrates directly into a health plan, designed to protect employees physical health and their financial wellbeing.

Vive makes it possible for employees to always receive the care they need with a 0% interest line of credit, regardless of what is saved in their HSA. Plus, Vive bears all the risk, making it possible for your clients to save on overall health plan costs without exposing their employees.

How does Vive work? 

  • Vive supplies a line of credit at no risk to employers. Vive bears the full weight of the credit line, leaving your clients with a risk-free solution.
  • Vive wraps around your client’s current HDHP, redefining benefits with a new solution to out-of-pocket medical expenses.
  • Designed to be employee-safe, Vive helps support the health of employees, so they can focus on work, while helping your clients save money.
  • Implementation without the learning curve—Vive’s in-house services make it easy to include Vive without taxing current HR or Payroll departments.
  • Vive helps your clients to be successful so they can keep growing your business.

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