UHC Special COVID-19 Enrollment Opportunity for Dental and Vision

Unitedhealthcare has announced that they are offering fully insured Dental and Vision Plan Customers a one-time Special COVID-19 Dental and Vision Enrollment Opportunity for employees that previously waived or did not elect coverage.

Below are details of this Special Enrollment Opportunity from UHC:

  • The enrollment opportunity will extend from May 18 through May 29 with a June 1 effective date.
  • Customers are not required to adopt the Special Enrollment Opportunity. Because of this, no opt-out action is required on their behalf. UnitedHealthcare realizes each situation is unique, and each customer should make its own decisions.
  • Dependents, such as spouses and children, can be added if they are enrolled in the same coverage or benefit option as the employee.
  • Existing eligibility, underwriting and state guidelines apply.
  • UnitedHealthcare recommends that customers speak with their benefits counsel or tax advisors for more information as to any customer impacts. 

To take advantage of this Special Enrollment Opportunity, brokers, consultants and/or customers should follow these steps:

  • Review the following Notices of Special COVID-19 Dental and Vision Enrollment Opportunity. 
  • Enrollment updates can be submitted via Employer eServices® (EeS) with a June 1 effective date.
  • Member enrollments can also be made via your regular channels if EeS is not used, which may include the Client Services Operations (CSO) team, General Agent Service inbox, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) feed or maintenance eligibility file via a third-party administrator, all with a June 1 effective date.
  • For brokers, consultants and customers who wish to use enrollment forms:
    • Ensure the enrollment form indicates “Special Enrollment COVID-19” for the qualifying event reason on the form.
    • Include a signature date on the enrollment form that is within the time period of the Special Enrollment Opportunity. 
  • Be sure to use the June 1 effective date