UHC/Oxford COVID-19 Extensions through October 22

UHC/Oxford has advised that they are extending many of the COVID-19 temporary program, process and coverage changes for in-network care through October 22, 2020 for both UHC and Oxford as follows:

Federally mandated temporary coverage changes that apply to all group medical plans through October 22 include:

  • COVID-19 Testing: Cost share waivers for COVID-19 diagnostic testing (virus and antigen) and antibody testing when medically necessary, ordered by a physician or licensed health care professional and provided at approved locations.
  • COVID-19 Test-related visit/services: Cost-share waivers for COVID-19 testing-related visit and applicable services at health care providers office, urgent care center, emergency department, or through telehealth.
  • COVID-19 Telehealth: Cost-share waiver for in-network and out-of-network telehealth coverage for COVID-19-related services

UnitedHealthcare has voluntarily extended the following coverage for individual and group market fully insured health plans through October 22, including self-funded (ASO) employers who opted into the changes.

  • COVID-19 Treatment: Cost-share waivers for applicable treatment given under an appropriate COVID-19 admission or diagnosis code. Includes office visits, telehealth, inpatient hospital, acute rehabilitation, long-term acute care, skilled-nursing facilities, urgent care, and emergency department visits and observation stays.
  • Ambulance: Cost-share waiver for ground emergency and medically necessary non-emergency ambulance transportation for COVID-19 services

Additional voluntary coverage and services date decisions include:

  • Non-COVID in-network telehealth services: For individual and fully insured group market health plans, and for self-funded employers that opted in, cost-share waivers for in-network non-COVID-19 related telehealth services and expanded services with network providers are in effect through Sept. 30, 2020.
  • Non-COVID out-of-network telehealth services: These services do not include the cost-share waiver and will be processed in accordance with the group’s health benefits plan, if the service is eligible. Expanded telehealth non-COVID-19 services ended July 24, 2020. The expanded telehealth services include audio and audio/visual and covers medical, outpatient behavioral, physical, occupational and speech therapy, chiropractic services, home health, remote patient monitoring and dental.
    Note: Office visits and treatment other than COVID-19 test related services or treatment are paid at plan benefits.
  • Virtual Visits: Eligible individual and group market health plan members can access their Virtual Visits benefits through our preferred partners — Doctor on Demand, AmWell and Teladoc or HealthiestYou for All Savers, grandfathered and transitional relief plans — with no cost-share through Sept. 30, 2020.

UnitedHealthcare is also extending allowed non-medical leave/furlough to 20 weeks. There is no change to medical leave.