Rippling Launches Rippling PEO

We are excited to announce a partner product launch: Rippling PEO

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Rippling has announced the launch of their new PEO offering – Rippling PEO. As a reminder Rippling is an all-in-one HR platform designed for brokers and their clients. Rippling connects Payroll, Benefits, HR, and more to one employee record so brokers and clients can mange HR & benefits all in one place. The Rippling PEO is also built for brokers and their clients and provides the power of the Rippling all-in-one HR Platform plus access to benefits (Aetna Medical), compliance automation and risk-mitigation services.

Below highlights key features of Rippling PEO for brokers and their clients: 

  • Get total client visibility and renewal control
    The Rippling PEO gives brokers real-time visibility into their clients data and renewal information, so they can strategize with their clients on whether a PEO is still the best fit. They can even export all their data in 1-click, so they can instantly bring groups to market.
  • Move clients off the PEO in days, not months
    Traditionally, when clients move off PEOs and return to their broker, it takes months of work because the client has to set up entire new HR systems (payroll, benadmin, etc). Rippling is the first PEO built on top of a modern all-in-one HR platform, so clients can simply turn the PEO “off,” and then work their broker to enroll in new benefits through Rippling — without disrupting their clients operations.
  • Rippling PEO offers competitive broker commissions

Join Rippling for a Broker Learning Webinar on November 12 at 2 PM. Register Here.