We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with PTO Exchange

PTO Exchange is a highly differentiating benefits platform that unlocks unused PTO hours that employees can spend on individual needs and priorities. It helps employers reduce PTO balance sheet liabilities and attract and retain top talent in the tightest job market in years.

Employees Exchange Unused Vacation Time For:

Financial Wellness

  • Deposit in 401k
  • Fund HSA
  • Student loan / tuition Reimbursement
  • Cash-out / Emergency Cash

Social Well Being

  • Donate to Nonprofits
  • Administer matching programs
  • Share PTO with colleagues


  • Hotels
  • Other travel-related expenses via Priceline

Click on the links below for PTO Exchange materials.

PTO Exchange Brochure

PTO Exchange One Pager

PTO Exchange LPAs (Life Planning Accounts)