Professional Group Plans Joins Forces with Vitality to Bring Workplace Wellness to Mid-Sized Employers in Northeast

CHICAGO and HAUPPAUGE, NY— May 21, 2018

A pioneer at helping U.S. employers improve health, and Professional Group Plans (PGP), the largest full-service General Agency in the TriState Area, are partnering to help mid-sized employers in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York improve the health and wellness of their employees.

“Through this partnership, we are expanding our access to small- to mid-sized employers to improve the health and productivity of their organizations,” said Ken Sloan, Vice President, Sales for Vitality. “Workplace wellness programs have historically been implemented by large and jumbo employers and in working with General Agencies we’re able to support this previously underserved market. The addition of PGP will benefit their broker partners and employers in the Northeast.”

With more than 20 years industry experience in a workplace wellness initiative that creates a culture of health, Vitality meaningfully engages members in programs they enjoy, through challenges, activities and rewards to drive ongoing engagement and ultimately improved health and productivity.

“Research shows that companies that invest in employee health outperform their peers by 7-16% and employee health and well-being are strong determinants of productivity, morale and retention,” said Kerry Phelan, PGP President. “We’re pleased to be working with Vitality to help employers not only improve the health of their employees, but also their business performance and profitability.”

How Vitality Works

Members start with an online Health Risk Assessment that identifies relative risk factors for each member and provides them with their Vitality Age™. This is a scientifically calculated representation of their risk-adjusted or “true” age, allowing each member to easily understand how their current behaviors are impacting their health. Each member is then presented with a Personal Pathway™, a recommended set of activities and goals to assist them in improving their health. Members can select from a plethora of health-related activities including exercising, achieving health goals such as losing weight or stopping smoking, receiving routine preventive screening and participating in health education programs. Members are incentivized for their participation throughout the program and earn rewards. With the Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch program, members can earn an Apple Watch through physical activity achievable over 24 months. Additionally, members earn weekly rewards for getting active. If members earn enough points for workouts, they can reduce their monthly payment for the Apple Watch or even pay nothing.

About PGP

Professional Group Plans is the largest full-service General Agency in the Tri-State Area (Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York). Specializing in employee benefits, PGP serves over 60,000 employer groups, with more than 600,000 covered lives, selling over $2,800,000,000 in premium per year. Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, with other locations in Manhattan and New Jersey, PGP is staffed with nearly 100 employees.

About Vitality

Guided by a core purpose of making people healthier, Vitality is the leader in improving health to unlock outcomes that matter. By blending smart tech, data, incentives, and behavioral science, we inspire healthy changes in individuals and organizations. Vitality brings a global perspective through successful partnerships with the smartest insurers and most forward-thinking employers around the world. More than 7 million people in 18 countries engage in the Vitality program. For more information, please visit