PGP Partner Spotlight: Garner Engagement-Based HRA

How can Garner benefit your clients?

Garner is a simple plan addition that drives more care to the highest quality doctors nearby, generating significant savings and better health outcomes for both fully-insured and self-insured groups.

  • 5-20%+ savings for employers
  • Lower out of pocket for employees
  • Simple setup Keep existing network and carrier

How does Garner work?

  • With more claims data than any other source and over 500 quality metrics, Garner identifies Top Doctors in every market.
  • Their concierge service and consumer product make it easier than ever to find Top Doctors.
  • When members see a Top Doctor, their engagement-based HRA covers employee medical bills, enriching the plan while generating savings.

CLICK HERE for the Garner Broker Overview PDF with rates and savings examples for fully-insured groups.