PGP & Garner are partnering to help employers get more care to the highest quality doctors

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Garner is an improved HRA designed to effectively change member behavior, creating better health outcomes and significant savings. Unlike traditional HRAs, Garner administers an HRA-based incentive account which pays employee medical bills only if employees see high quality doctors recommended by Garner. These high quality doctors keep employees healthy and lower the total cost of care. As a result, Garner’s program not only promotes better health outcomes, it also generates material savings for the member and employer. Best of all, Garner is simple to implement and does not require changing the existing carrier or network.

Garner combines rich doctor analytics, a seamless member experience, and an improved HRA. Here’s how it works:

New Insight Into Doctor Performance: Garner has the largest claims database in the country with over 500 clinical metrics to identify top doctors for members while also delivering significantly lower costs.

Better Engagement Experience: Garner makes the process of finding a top doctor easy via their simple web and mobile search tools that keep members engaged. Members also have access to a dedicated concierge team that guides employees through the process of selecting the right doctor.

An Improved HRA: Garner works with all existing plans to create an engagement-based incentive overlay that covers employee medical bills when they see high quality doctors.


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