PGP Energy: PGP Energy’s Reverse Auctions

With energy prices double what they were a year ago many companies are looking for ways to control their energy expenses. One very effective way to do this is with a Reverse Auction. A Reverse Auction is a web-based platform where energy suppliers are invited to bid on a client’s account. They watch, via the web, the actual auction taking place and watch as suppliers are forced to sharpen their price as all the suppliers are competing for the business in real-time. If the client is happy with the final price at the end of the auction then they can decide if they want to move forward with the lowest supplier’s fixed-rate at that time. There is no obligation to move forward if they are not happy with the results. This platform has proven to be a very effective way to secure the lowest price possible for energy supply costs.

PGP Energy provides a great opportunity to:

  • Help your clients save money on their energy expenses

  • Earn residual income with no servicing involved

  • Add additional value to current relationships

  • Win more new business

Click here to see PGP Energy’s Reverse Auctions Flyer

All we need in order to shop the market for a client is a copy of their current utility bills (all pages). The client still gets billed by the utility and the utility is still responsible for all customer service. We just shop the market to see if we can find a better rate.

If you would like to hear more about how the process works, please feel free to reach out to me and I will walk you through it.

Matt Lulley
PGP Energy
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