PGP Broker Resource Reminder – Benefit Overviews

To help differentiate your business, our in-house marketing team will create a comprehensive, professionally designed Benefits Overview package for your clients. 

Options include print or digital versions for interactivity, a variety of template styles to choose from, and fully customizable content. Overviews can also be uploaded as web content and accessed as a shareable link for on-the-go convenience (100+ groups).

What can be found in a Benefit Overview :

  • Welcome Page
  • Detailed summaries of all offered benefit plans
  • Description of benefits with service highlight charts
  • Contribution requirements or limits per benefit 
  • Open enrollment information 
  • Coverage dates or deadline information
  • Contact information 
  • Legal Notices  
  • Company logo or other branding needs

Click here for our 2023 Benefit Overview Template Catalog.