Partner Spotlight: Smylen – the Smart Dental Benefit

Smylen works with or without dental insurance and provides a great opportunity to add value for clients and grow your commission. 

With Smylen Dental you can: 

  • Boost participation in groups with voluntary dental
  • Offer a flexible option to 1099’s, PTE’s, associations, & more
  • Supplement traditional insurance plans

It’s easy to include Smylen in all your renewals: 

  • There’s no minimum participation requirements
  • It can be offered on a voluntary or sponsored basis
  • No setup and no claims to process
  • Can be introduced at any time of the year
  • Smylen is fully-integrated with Ease and Employee Navigator

Smylen Membership Monthly Pricing:

  • $7 Single / $12 Family

Broker Monthly Commission:

$3 Single / $5 Family

Click Here for a Smylen Overview Flyer you can share with your groups.