Oxford/UnitedHealthcare 4/1 New York Small Group Renewal Error

Oxford/UnitedHealthcare has advised that due to an administrative error, all New York 4/1 Small Group renewals were delayed beyond the 2/1 release date that NY State requires.  

As a result of this administrative error please note the following:

  • Impacted groups will have their current rates held for one additional month if they renew as-is. The renewal rates will take effect 5/1/2022. The policy effective date will remain 4/1/2022
    • The rate extension premium amounts will not appear via SAMx/Portal or in the renewal package
  • If an impacted group chooses not to renew the assumed renewal plans and terminate coverage, the current rates will not be held for one additional month due to the group terminating coverage effective 4/1/2022
  • If an impacted group elects to make a renewal with changes, the implemented medical policy rates will be their Q2 2022 NYSG Oxford medical rates. These rates will take effect 4/1/2022

Oxford/UnitedHealthcare will be sending letters to impacted groups. Click here for a sample of the letter.