Oxford Sweat Equity Update

Oxford has advised that the original guidelines for the Sweat Equity program will be re-implemented on September 1, 2021 and the temporary allowance of app-based and other digital and at-home workouts will end.

What this means for employees

Participants in the program should not include any app-based or other digital or at-home exercise they perform after August 31, 2021 on their reimbursement application (claim form).  After this date, these workouts will not count toward the program’s requirement for completing 50 cardio sessions in a six-month period. Similarly, any expenses incurred by participants for app-based or other digital or at-home exercise completed after August 31 will not be eligible for the program’s reimbursement.


Why the return to the original Sweat Equity program guidelines

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought approval from the states, where required, and temporarily introduced an alternative way to help encourage members to stay active and continue their participation in the Sweat Equity program. Now that disaster emergencies are being lifted, public facilities are re-opening and people are gathering again, the Sweat Equity program will revert to its original guidelines, including the requirements for participants to:

  • Complete 50 cardio workouts in a six-month period
  • Complete workouts at a fitness facility or as part of an organized group fitness class or event that’s available to the general public and has staff supervision
  • Submit with application for reimbursement:
    • documentation describing the cardio equipment and facility used and fitness classes or events in which the member participated
    • receipts for fitness-related expenses incurred by the member
    • attestation from facility/instructor/event leader of the member’s participation

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