Oxford New Jersey Garden State Network Changes

See below from Oxford regarding changes coming to Oxford Garden State Network

We want to inform you of two upcoming changes to the Oxford Garden State Network. These changes are being made in an effort to simplify the health care experience and provide more affordable health care services to your clients and their plan participants.

  1. We are changing the name of the network from Oxford Garden State to Oxford Metro Network® upon your client’s renewal date in 2021. This change is designed to deliver a simplified experience for members and providers across the New Jersey and New York markets. Current member health plan ID cards will still be valid, and no new cards will be issued until plan renewal.
  2. We are redesigning the New Jersey portion of the network. While the majority of our current providers will stay in network and new providers will be added, some current providers will be removed to focus on high quality and affordable care. These network changes are effective January 1, 2021.

How do these changes impact the 2021 product portfolio?

UnitedHealthcare’s 2021 New Jersey Oxford Metro Network plans were built to be a cost-effective solution in today’s market and will provide up to 15% savings1 compared to Oxford Liberty Network plans. The plans follow a non-tiered benefit structure that include gated and non-gated options with a variety of deductible and coinsurance amounts to help you meet your clients’ needs. These plans will be quote-ready on September 1, 2020 for 51+ business and November 1, 2020 for 2-50 business.

How will my clients and their plan participants be notified of these changes?

All clients enrolled in an Oxford Garden State Network plan will be mailed a notification of these provider network changes in mid September. Members who have received services from impacted providers within the last 12 months will be mailed a notification of the network change in late September. Letters will include instructions on how to search for a new network provider.

What if a member is in the middle of getting treatment?

Members receiving an ongoing course of treatment on or beyond January 1, 2021, may be eligible for Transitional Care. Information regarding Transitional Care will be included in both group and member mailed notifications.

What if members want to make an off-cycle change to their plan?

Groups that offered an Oxford Garden State Network plan alongside an Oxford Liberty or Freedom Network plan option will be able to decide if they want to offer a special enrollment period to employees who wish to switch plans. This special open enrollment opportunity will run through January 1, 2021.

A member’s deductible and out-of-pocket-limit spend will not reset if they make an off-cycle plan change due to the network changes.