Our New Partner Smylen: The Smart Dental Benefit

Smylen was created by former dentists that recognized a huge gap in the dental industry. About 50% of employees don’t go to the dentist because current dental options don’t work for everyone. The result is missed work and less confidence. Smylen gives employers a smart dental benefit that helps fill this void, reduce wasted dental premiums, and increase employee satisfaction.

Here’s how Smylen works:

Access to top dentists at the best prices
Even the best dentists have open appointments they want to fill. These dentists are willing to substantially reduce their fees to fill these open slots. Additionally, these dentists go through a rigorous, second to none vetting process to participate.

Valuable, transparent and easy for employees
Members choose dental treatments, select top providers and book appointments online with ease using the Smylen best-in-class platform. Fees are shown before making selections, then paid online when booking the appointment. No surprises. All procedures covered with no restrictions, even cosmetics.

Cost-effective and simple for all employers
Members simply pay a small monthly membership fee (PEPM) for the solution (can be offered alongside existing dental insurance plans). There is no setup required, no claims to process, no complicated administration, no participation requirements, voluntary or employer paid basis, no contribution requirements, no qualifying criteria, waiting or enrollment periods.

Smylen is also a great way to offer coverage to any employee that does not qualify for a traditional dental plan (part time, etc).

Broker Commission
$3 PEPM Single / $5 PEPM Family

Membership Pricing
$7 PEPM Single / $12 PEPM Family