Oscar 2021 Rate Filing

See below from Oscar

I’m writing to inform you that our New York Individual and Family (IFP) and Small Group (SG) members will begin to receive rate change notices next week. We’ve identified that you have at least one client who is receiving a notice. 

Oscar has submitted our 2021 rate application to DFS, and we are projected to raise monthly premiums for all New York IFP and SG plans starting January 1, 2021. While we’re working hard to keep costs down for members, we adjust our pricing every year in light of changing costs and the care our members need. 

We are sending notices to New York IFP and SG members to alert them of our proposed rate increase, per DFS regulation. We will be working with DFS over the coming months to finalize our rates. After rates are finalized, members will receive renewal notices in the mail in October to confirm their 2020-2021 rate changes. You will be able to view your clients’ mapped 2021 renewing plan and how it compares to their 2020 plan in your Oscar Broker Portal account.

To help you better serve your clients, we are providing you with sample New York rate change notices: 

*Please note that these are examples only and may not necessarily be the final notice your client(s) will receive. 

If you have any questions, please out to our dedicated Broker Support team at 1-855-672-2713 or brokers@hioscar.com