NY Continuing Education with Virtual Test 2022

Sign up for this self-study course then take your test at home to fulfill your Continuing Education requirement. 

Registration Instructions:

  1. Go to www.mycelive.com
  2. Purchase the newest course called “White Collar Crime”. Use Coupon Code: pgp2022 for the discounted price of $50 from $130.
  3. Download this Monitor Affidavit Form and complete the top section. Then scan and email to contactus@mycelive.com or fax to 646-417-5913.
  4. Click here to complete the exam at home.

Important Note: The NYS CE rules are changing as of 4/1/22. The new rules are more complicated and include credit categories. (bias, insurance law and professionalism requirements). If your renewal is 9/28/22 or sooner we recommend completing your CE and renewing your license by 4/1/22 (you can renew up to 180 days prior) to avoid the hassle of these new requirements. We will communicate further information regarding the new NYS CE requirement as it becomes available.