NJ Continuing Education Virtual Test and Requirement Update

PGP will be sponsoring a fully virtual New Jersey 24-credit CE class.

Sign up for this self-study course then take your test online to fulfill your New Jersey Continuing Education requirement.

Course Registration:

Sign up for your self-study course at https://www.webce.com/PGPBENEFITS

  • Click on the Green “Life/Health” button on the bottom right (please ignore the section mentioning onsite proctoring at our NJ office – see below for current proctoring rules).
  • Under the “Ethics” section click on “Life and Health Insurance Essentials”.
  • Next click “Add to Cart”. You will receive a 10% PGP discount.
  • Click on “Proceed to Checkout”. You will need to login or create an account.

New Proctoring Rules: 

  1. Any disinterested 3rd party can be a proctor, this means it can be anyone from a friend (even one that is not licensed), neighbor, coworker that works in the same office, librarian, etc. It cannot be a family member, boss, or assistant.
  2. Technically the proctor would need to be in person with them and they would be prompted to enter their information when they start the exam.
  3. Once you click the exam button it will say “continue to monitor sign-in”
  4. Once you click that, the proctor will enter their information and the relationship to the student and location where they are both at.
  5. Once you submit that, assuming it is an applicable proctor, it will unlock the exam and the student will be able to answer the questions
  6. Once you are done answering, it will ask the proctor for some final information, and the exam will then be graded.

Note: You will receive instructions on how to take the test when signing up for the self-study course.