New Pharmacy Savings Program – See Horizon’s Brief Notes Below

New Pharmacy Savings Program – See Horizon’s Brief Notes Below

Horizon BCBSNJ Brief Notes 
Applies to: Fully insured Commercial Markets
New Pharmacy Program Finds Savings for Members

Our fully insured commercial members now have a new way to achieve their best health and save money on prescription medicines, thanks to a new pharmacy program we’re launching in July.

How the program works:

  • Rx Savings Solutions will review claims data to identify members who may have a savings opportunity if they switch to a different prescription medicine(s). Rx Savings Solutions is an independent company contracted by Horizon to help save our members money on prescriptions.
  • Savings opportunities will be communicated to the member, if applicable, by email or text, and when the member is signed in at and the Horizon Blue app. A letter will be mailed to members who don’t have a verified email address on file and to members who prefer paper communications.
  • Once the member activates their Rx Savings Solutions account and indicates they want to switch to the lower-cost medicine, Rx Savings Solutions will work directly with the prescriber and the member’s pharmacy to discuss the opportunity.

How we’re educating members:

Beginning on or about July 13, 2021, eligible subscribers will receive an email or letter about the program. The email campaign will be staggered over four to six weeks. They will also receive messaging on and through emails telling them when a potential savings opportunity exists.

How we’re helping to ensure confidentiality:

Horizon takes the confidentiality of our members’ information seriously.

  • Notifications sent by email, as well as the ones posted to a member’s or Horizon Blue app accounts, will not include actual prescription medicine names. However, the amount of potential savings will be shown on notifications posted to their accounts.
  • The member will need to sign in to or the Horizon Blue app to access the Rx Savings Solutions portal. Once on the Rx Savings Solutions portal, they will see which of their prescriptions have a savings opportunity.
  • Subscribers will only see information for themselves and minor dependents. However, sensitive drug information will not be listed for minor dependents. Examples of sensitive drugs are medicines used for:
    • Birth control/contraceptives
    • Pregnancy
    • HIV
    • Mental health/behavioral health
    • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
    • Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
    • Genetic conditions (such as cystic fibrosis)
  • Adult dependents will need to activate their own Rx Savings Solutions account to see their opportunities and specific prescription information.

Note: It is a voluntary decision made by the employee to take advantage of the savings opportunity. Changing prescriptions is not required