New Partnership/Webinar: Aura – the new standard in digital security benefits

PGP Partner Spotlight: Aura’s Digital Wellness Solution

Broker Learning Webinar on Tuesday Sept 14 at 10 AM EST

If a criminal breaks into your house, they can steal jewelry, electronics, or other physical possessions. But if they hack into your phone, computer, or online accounts, they have access to your entire life. Employers offer benefits to protect physical, mental, and financial wellness, but why aren’t they prioritizing employees’ digital wellness

Traditional ID theft protection benefits only protect personal and financial information. Plus, they are reactive, only alerting you after an incident has occured. By then, it’s too late. That’s where Aura comes in. Aura is an all-in-one digital security solution that makes the internet safe for employees by proactively protecting their identity, finances, and devices from fraud before it happens

Join us for a Broker Learning Webinar on Tuesday September 14 at 10 AM EST to learn more about the new standard in digital security benefits: Aura. We’ll discuss:

  • Why offering a digital security benefit is important
  • The unmatched broker incentives that Aura has to offer
  • How working with Aura is easy (and fun!) for both you and your clients

Let me know if you have any questions.