New Medcom ERISA Compliance Package Developed for PGP

To help support the compliance needs of our broker partners and their clients we’ve partnered with Medcom to develop the ERISA Supreme Plus Compliance Package with special Q4 pricing, enhanced resources and a much more hands on approach. 

Below highlights what’s included:

  • Dedicated ERISA Compliance Specialist and Account Manager
  • ERISA Implementation Guidance and Support
  • ERISA Wrap Document w. SPD – Amendments and Restatements
  • POP/FSA Document w. SPD – Amendments and Restatements
  • Form 5500 Filing w. SAR – Unlimited Schedules, Amendments, and Extensions (applicable for groups with 100+ employees only)
  • Thorough overview of services and their importance
  • Guidance on distribution requirements and regulations
  • Ongoing assistance w. ERISA Health and Welfare inquiries by phone and in writing
  • Secured Storage of Data and Services Completed
  • Proactive Communications and Deadline Notifications


  • Large Group (100+ Employees) $1,550 per year
  • Small Group (Less than 100 Employees) $1,150 per year

Commission Incentive: 

  • 25% on all cases sold until 11/15/21 (10% after) 

Click here for an ERISA Supreme Plus Overview Flyer