MetLife COVID-19 Policy for Furloughed Employees and Premium Grace Periods

MetLife Furloughed Employees (if you have questions around a specific customer, we can escalate them to our COVID-19 Inquiries team):

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic may require customers to unexpectedly furlough employees, and employee certificates may not include furloughs as an approved leave of absence.  If the certificate does not include furloughs as an approved leave of absence, as an accommodation for furloughs occurring on or after 3/1/2020, the policyholder may elect to continue to pay premium through 4/30/2020.  Should a furloughed employee for whom premium is paid become disabled under the terms of the certificate on or before 4/30/2020, the disability will be approved. 


MetLife Premium Grace Periods:

During this period of uncertainty, MetLife will make an exception to extend the Grace Period for premium payment to 60 days after the Premium Due Date, for customers with a policy Grace Period less favorable than 60 days. Customers with Grace Periods greater than 60 days will retain the Grace Period in their policy.  This policy will be applied for all premiums due 3/1/2020 and forward, until this crisis is deemed over, as well as apply to any premium within the current 30 day grace period. MetLife will continue to monitor the situation and will provide additional guidance as it becomes available.  We are also monitoring state specific mandates and will comply with those mandates.