Introducing our New Partner — Healthee

Introducing our New Partner, Healthee – The Next Wave in Benefits Support and Engagement

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What is Healthee?

  • Healthee is an all-in-one benefits support and engagement platform that provides members information about their benefit plans using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to access instantly, easily, and often, all while saving your clients money.
  • Healthee’s AI-powered Personal Health Assistant delivers personalized and accurate answers to benefits question in seconds via the web or app. Help clients say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions, insurance bottlenecks, and wasted benefits for good.
  • Healthee can assist members with health issues they may be experiencing by providing potential benefits and resources covered through their plans, help find in-network providers and setup appointments, learn how to save money, provide open enrollment support and much more.

How Does Healthee Work?

  • Healthee’s AI tool, Zoe, is the only technology in the industry that can ingest Carrier Contract documents and other benefits information with complete accuracy.
  • Documents are simply uploaded to the platform and the entire experience is built from that. No broker input or work is needed. Healthee’s AI-powered Personal Health Assistant liberates HR teams from answering tiring insurance questions and empowers users with the tools they need to take back control of their health. 24/7, 365—without ever having to wait on hold for a call center with the latest, most relevant information they need.
  • If Zoe doesn’t know an answer, Healthee’s team of human experts will jump in via live chat to answer their question.

Special PGP Pricing and Q4 Broker Bonus

  • $2 PEPM (50% discount off retail price)
  • Brokers that bring on 1,000 lives during Q4 2022 will receive a $10,000 one-time bonus

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