Horizon notification regarding Get Covered NJ Individual Market

Horizon notification regarding Get Covered NJ system updates for the New Jersey Individual Market

See below notification from Horizon along with the Get Covered NJ communication they are referencing. 


Horizon notification
Please review the information sent from Get Covered New Jersey advising of the recent ARPA consumer updates to the GCNJ system which will reduce premium costs even further for ON Exchange consumers and offer higher subsidy income eligibility limits.  Additional details can be found by visiting: https://nj.gov/getcoverednj/findanswers/covid19/

Agents and brokers should assist existing consumers with updating their application information, if necessary, to ensure they retain Broker of Record for all ON Exchange consumers. Horizon BCBSNJ is sharing the below information with our valued broker partners to aid you in servicing Horizon BCBSNJ customers and maintaining the training and licensure required under your Master Broker and Services Agreement. Horizon BCBSNJ will provide additional carrier related details regarding GCNJ ON Exchange consumers as it becomes available.

Get Covered NJ Notification

Get Covered New Jersey completed activities this weekend to provide consumers with updated financial help that is now available due to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and additional savings from the State of New Jersey. We appreciate your patience while the system was temporarily unavailable while the updates were made. The system is now available and details on the updates may be found below.

Consumers with Updated Financial Help

GetCoveredNJ updated financial help for many existing consumers and automatically lowered premiums for many consumers with an effective date of June 1st.

Consumers that had their account updated will receive a notice explaining their new eligibility and, if applicable, new enrollment. The notices will be sent by mail or placed in account inboxes with a notification via email, based on consumer preferences. Financial help and plan updates are also reflected in GetCoveredNJ consumer accounts.

NOTE: Consumers with income above 400% of the FPL will only have their eligibility updated and will need to log in to apply these new savings to their enrollment.

Also, households with unemployment compensation listed as an income type will receive updates based on their overall attested income. In order to receive the additional financial help related to receiving unemployment compensation, the consumer will need to update their application to attest to receiving unemployment.

Consumers without Updates

Some consumers were not automatically updated. They will receive outreach from GetCoveredNJ but, as an agent or broker, youalso play a key role in ensuring these consumers update their applications to lower their premiums.

Some populations that did not receive automatic updates include:

  • Consumers with non-financial applications.
  • Consumers who have elected to receive less APTCs than they were eligible for.
  • Households that have already updated their accounts to reflect the new changes.

Consumers that had already updated their applications with the new financial help will not see changes.

 Important Application Changes

 GetCoveredNJ has made some key updates in the application:

  • Revised question regarding reconciling previous tax credits. Please review the new question and ensure consumers provide accurate answers as this question can impact eligibility for financial help. This question reflects recent ARPA changes that no longer require reconciliation for 2020 financial help.
  • Updated wording on the Unemployment Attestation to reflect that additional financial help is only available if the primary tax filer or spouse received unemployment benefits

If you have any questions about these updates, contact the call center (833) 677-4265 or check here for updated FAQs.

As always, Get Covered New Jersey appreciates your commitment to New Jersey consumers and your efforts to ensure they can access quality, affordable health insurance.