Horizon BCBSNJ 2022 Convey Miramar Agent Registration Information – Deadline Nov 1, 2021 for ON and OFF Exchange Business

We’ve recently shared information on the 2022 Certification Process to sell ON EXCHANGE for Get Covered NJ (original communication below).

In order to begin selling policies with a November 1 effective date, this training must be completed by October 22.  All agents and broker will be certified on a rolling basis after October 22. If training is not completed, brokers/agents risk loss of certification and new/existing commissions.

Once this is complete, you may continue to the following step in linking PGP as your Horizon GA to sell these individual plans.

If you intend to only sell OFF EXCHANGE business, you only need to complete the step below and do not need to be registered on the state exchange as noted above.

This next step below, whether your intention is to sell ON or OFF exchange, MUST be completed by the start of open enrollment, November 1, for all calendar year sales of 2022. Agents or brokers without a registered NPN number on file will not receive compensation from Horizon BCBSNJ until their Horizon Marketplace registration is complete on Miramar Agent.

Directions for registering are as follows:

  1. Go to miramar-agent.com and log in to the system with your username/password from last year (if you forgot your password you can use the “Forgot your password” link on the home page. You will need to enter your username, confirm security questions along with the last 4 digits of your Social Security number before entering a new password to login)
  2. Click the “Register New” radio button on your DASHBOARD and enter the unique PIN Code822HNJM2022 to begin registration unless your agency choose the “Auto Enroll” feature.

If you need technical assistance for the Convey Miramar Agent program you can call visit the agent help portal at: https://convey.na2.teamsupport.com/dashboard or call (855) 856-7152. 

Click here for the Convey Miramar Agent User Guide


The 2022 Certification process for agents and brokers to sell ON exchange is now LIVE for Get Covered New Jersey

Deadline for Training:

  • In order to begin selling policies with a November 1st effective date, this training must be completed by October 22nd.
  • All agents and brokers will be certified on a rolling basis after October 22nd.

Who must complete this training?

  • All new agents and brokers must complete this training to be certified for the 2022 Open Enrollment Period.
  • Returning agents need to take each exam and pass with a score of 80% or higher.

This year’s training will be on a new platform called Mindflash

  • For new and existing brokers already registered to sell ON exchange – your basic information has already been transferred to the new platform.
  • An email was sent yesterday from trainer@mindflash.com with the subject line of: “You’ve Been Invited to: Get Covered New Jersey New Broker/Agent Training 2022.”
  • The link within this email is a personalized link in order to access a streamlined training for returning users.

Click Here for a PDF of the formal announcement from Get Covered NJ in PDF format.