Horizon BCBSNJ 2021 Convey Miramar Agent Registration Information

On March 25th, we notified you of Governor Murphy’s intent to move New Jersey off of the Federal Exchange to it’s own state based exchange. (Click Here for the full announcement from Governor Murphy).

This state exchange has now been launched under the name GetCoveredNJ. As in previous years, if  you intend on selling individual products, you must register for selling either ON or OFF exchange.

If you were registered on the FFM in years past, you should have been notified via email to take steps on completing your new certification training, transitioning you to the new NJ based platform. If you are new to selling individual plans this year, you can click here to register.

If you intend to sell ON EXCHANGE, you must complete this registration process by October 1st, and finalize your certification training by October 15th. Once this is complete, you may continue on to the following step in linking PGP as your Horizon GA to sell these individual plans.

If you intend to only sell OFF EXCHANGE business, you only need to complete the step below and do not need to be registered on the state exchange as noted above.

This next step below, whether your intention is to sell ON or OFF exchange, MUST be completed by the start of open enrollment, November 1st , for all calendar year sales of 2021. Agents without a registered NPN number on file will not receive compensation from Horizon BCBSNJ until the Convey Miramar registration is complete.

Directions for registering are as follows:

  • Click here to access Miramar Agent, then log in with your username/password from last year (Returning agents who’ve forgotten their password can use the “Forgot your password” link on the home page. You will need to enter your username, confirm security questions, and enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security number to create a new password and log in).
  • Click on the “Register New” radio button on your DASHBOARD and enter
    2021HMP822 to begin registration.

If you need technical assistance with the Convey Miramar program you can call
(855) 856-7152 or visit the agent help portal at convey.na2.teamsupport.com/dashboard.

Click here for the Miarmar Agent user guide for quick reference.