Guaranteed 7% Savings Program For PSE&G & NJ Natural Gas Commercial Gas Customers

One of our suppliers is offering a program where they will GUARANTEE a 7% SAVINGS off of what the utility charges in the PSE&G & NJ Natural Gas areas. This program runs from March through November 2023. At the end of the program, accounts are sent back to the utility or they can request a fixed rate if they want one. There is NO RISK to this program and only money to be saved. You will receive a residual commission on any account that takes advantage of this program.

Below is a listing of our rates versus the utilities rate for 2022. EVERY business that is currently not locked into a fixed rate should be on this plan because there is only money to be saved with no risk. Our suppliers rates will appear on the accounts utility bill and the utility is still responsible for all customer service.

Below are the results of this program for 2022:

Click here for our Energy Flyer that explains the savings program.

To get the process started, all that’s needed is a copy of a current PSE&G or NJ Natural Gas bill (all pages).