New Jersey Individual Market – Get Covered NJ OE

See below for the most recent News Release from Get Covered New Jersey regarding 2023 ON Exchange enrollments.

Open Enrollment is Here!

Open Enrollment for 2023 health insurance is here, which means it is time for consumers to complete or update their Get Covered New Jersey application with any changes, such as income or family size, and enroll in coverage for 2023!

Plans and prices change every year, and there are more choices available for 2023, so we encourage you to help consumers shop and compare plans to find the coverage that best fits their needs and budget.

Record levels of financial help remain available for 2023 coverage, made possible by the federal American Rescue Plan Act and Inflation Reduction Act and expanded state subsidies from the State of New Jersey. 9 in 10 people enrolling will qualify for assistance.

Most 2022 Enrollees will Be Automatically Renewed – Be Sure to Make 2023 Updates

Similar to last year, Get Covered New Jersey will automatically renew most consumers into 2023 coverage without requiring any consumer action. Consumers will receive notices from GetCoveredNJ in early November with their 2023 eligibility and renewal information and will be able to see their 2023 information in their account now.

It is important to inform consumers that if they made any changes to their 2022 coverage after October 6th, they will need to update their 2023 applications now with those same changes. Additionally, since plans and prices change each year, even those who are automatically renewed should review their plan options for 2023. Remember that consumers must take action by December 31 for plan changes to take effect January 1.

New for 2023: Families with offers of employer health coverage may have new opportunities for savings at GetCoveredNJ. Specifically, starting this Open Enrollment Period, families with an offer of employer coverage that is considered unaffordable may be newly eligible for tax credits and state subsidies through GetCoveredNJ, even if they did not qualify before. Generally, families paying more than 9% of their household income towards employer coverage may be considered to have unaffordable employer coverage and could qualify for financial help to lower premiums for 2023 coverage.

Please note: For coverage starting January 1, consumers must enroll by December 31! Open Enrollment ends January 31.

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