Enhancements Coming for New York and New Jersey Large Group Oxford Members Beginning October 2019

Email Sent: 7/16/19

In January of 2019 Oxford rolled out updates for their Connecticut business which included a new member and producer website, amongst other enhancements. Beginning with October 1st new business and renewals, those same enhancements will be extended to their Oxford fully insured large group New York (101+) and New Jersey (51+) clients.

These enhancements were designed to provide members with a more robust and streamlined service experience for medical benefits and include the following:

  • A new member website, myuhc.com
  • Virtual doctor visits
  • Personalized member weight loss and tobacco cessation programs

As a follow up, Oxford just released a Producer Guide outlining everything you, your clients and their employees need to know regarding these enhancements.

Click on the link below to view and download a PDF of this guide.

Oxford Enhancements Producer Guide, New York and New Jersey

Note: These enhancements are NOT rolling out to small groups in NY and NJ or ASO business at this time.