Emblem, Advantage Care Physicians and COVID-19

Advantage Care Physicians is a group of 39 multi-specialty practices owned by Emblem Health.  They are a great resource for Emblem members who do not have an ongoing relationship with a Primary Care Physician or who are seeking alternative treatment resources.

Advantage Care Physicians Flyer

Please see the below updates regarding our Advantage Care Physician Centers.


  • Uniform hours across locations — Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 4pm.
    • Offices that offer after care hours or urgent care services will maintain evening and weekend hours
  • All appointment scheduling will now be conducted directly through our call center at 646-680-4227 to ensure we are seeing the patients in most critical need.
  • All routine, elective or non-urgent appointments are being res-scheduled, again, to ensure we are seeing patients with critical needs and not posing risk of exposure to other healthy patients.
    • Patients will be contacted about rescheduling any such upcoming appointments.
  • For the safety of other patients and providers, patients are being advised not to come directly to our offices if exhibiting potential COVID-19 symptoms or within the past 14 days have been to a known infected area or near a known infected person. Instead, all patients are being directed to call 646-680-4227 for direction on seeking care, which may include a virtual visit.
  • To keep patients on their medication schedules and avoid travel to the pharmacy, EmblemHealth members are encouraged to set up home deliveries and refills with Express Scripts or Medly.  


Patients who believe they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or may be at risk of having contracted the virus will have the opportunity to speak with available medical providers by video about their symptoms, potential exposure, guidance on treatment, and next steps including testing. Patients should consider a virtual visit if they have experienced: 

  • Fever (temperature > 100.4), cough, and shortness of breath combined with;
  • Close contact (within six feet) with someone known to have a CDC-confirmed/documented case of coronavirus or who has recently traveled to a CDC Level 2 or Level 3 country (as of today 3/5/2020: Japan, Italy, China, Iran and South Korea) for any reason in the last 14 days.

To schedule a virtual visit:

  • Contact ACPNY at 646-680-4227.
  • Scheduling an appointment will include a brief questionnaire to assess your symptoms, risk, and need for a virtual visit.
  • Before the visit, you will be instructed to download the Zoom app.

Learn more on our website.

mailto:https://www.acpny.com/content/acpny/home/live-well/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/coronavirus-virtual-visits.htmlCOVID-19 SCREENING, CLINICAL ASSESSMENT AND LABORATORY TESTING 

  • ACPNY will begin offering testing for COVID-19 this week. Testing will be available by appointment at the following ACPNY medical office locations (one in each region): Babylon (Long Island), Rockaway (Queens), Harlem (Manhattan), Richmond Ave at the Mall (Staten Island), and Bay Ridge (Brooklyn). If patients feel they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and are at high risk of having been exposed they are being directed to call our ACPNY call center (646-680-4227) for appropriate scheduling.
  • All ACPNY providers, nurses, care team members and call center associates have been trained to screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms and direct them to the appropriate clinical resource for clinical assessment and, potentially, laboratory testing if appropriate.
  • ACPNY providers will refer patients for testing at the designated ACPNY sites after completion of an in-person or virtual clinical screening visit. Patients will schedule time for sample collection at ACPNY and ACPNY will send samples to Quest Diagnostics for laboratory analysis and results. 

Learn more here for updates on ACPNY’s practice operations and guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19).