Effective 1/1/20 BenefitFront will Replace HealthConnect for Small Group Quoting

To continue to improve your Small Group Quoting experience and maintain a consistent, enhanced experience for all of our brokers and their clients we will be moving off the HealthConnect system at year end. Beginning 1/1/20 you will utilize BenefitFront for all of your Small Group Quoting needs.
BenefitFront Is Built On The Best Small Group Quoting Technology Available
We’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our Broker Partners that have already completely transitioned to this new, enhanced platform.
  • If you need a login for BenefitFront please reply to this email and let me know.
  • You can access a recording of our BenefitFront Broker Training Webinar here.

BenefitFront Enhancements Include:

  • Enhanced Proposal Packages to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Proposals with multiple Plan Options
  • Faster Proposal Processing
  • Cleaner, easy-to-read Plan Illustrations
  • SBC, Doctor Search and RX Formularies automatically included with Proposal¬†
  • Contribution and Financial Analysis Options

Note: Your existing HealthConnect quotes will not be available in BenefitFront.