Cigna Group Insurance: new resources and FAQs

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We are committed to support you and your employees by providing regular, timely updates to keep you informed.

This update applies to our clients with Cigna Group Insurance products:

We know many of our clients are looking to us to help address leave-of-absence policies, evolving federal and state legislation, and disability coverage for their employees. We maintain an open dialogue with regulators, lawmakers, and industry leaders to address the challenges you face and we’ve been working hard to develop resources and guidance to help.

We’ve updated the Cigna Group Insurance Frequently Asked Questions sheet with new information. Some key highlights:


We are extending our continuation of coverage for all individuals who were members of an eligible class under a Cigna Group Insurance policy on March 1, 2020 and were subsequently furloughed, temporarily laid off or had their hours reduced as the result of business decisions relating to COVID-19. They will remain eligible until May 31, 2020 provided they remain employed and premiums continue to be paid. Please see our FAQ for additional details.


Find answers to help you understand the new law passed in the state of New York regarding Emergency Paid Leave and Paid Sick Leave for COVID-19.

We continue to track federal and statutory legislation to determine revisions to paid/unpaid leave and disability plans. Our Federal and Statutory Leave and Disability Plan Reference Guide has been updated with the latest information.

Please remember to share our 24-hour, toll-free help line (1-866-912-1687) in the U.S. to connect people, whether or not they’re Cigna customers, with qualified clinicians who can provide support and guidance.

For those clients and customers with Cigna medical coverage

Cigna has taken a number of actions to support all those we serve. On Monday, Cigna shared how they will make it easier for hospitals to transfer patients to long term acute care facilities to help manage the high volumes of COVID-19 patients. You and your employees can stay up-to-date with the latest updates by visiting the COVID-19 Resource Center.