Changes to Oxford New York ID Cards


Under New York health insurance regulation, the requirements for information shown on a health insurance identification (ID) card recently have been expanded. The additional requirements apply to new and renewing policies with May 1, 2021 and later effective dates. In compliance with these requirements, Oxford has updated the health plan ID card used with Oxford members of a New York situs plan.

Below is a link to a communication that will be sent to New York Oxford clients on Wednesday October 20th, an ID card flier for use with Oxford Members, and a sample of a letter that will be included with the new ID cards. 

Below is an overview of what this means for your New York Oxford members, as well as the details on the rollout of the new card requirements.

What this means for New York Oxford members

Members with a fully insured New York situs Oxford plan will see the following additional information on their health plan ID cards:

  • Plan funding type (e.g., fully insured)
  • A product tag, or indicator (e.g., POS, HMO, EPO, PPO)
  • Urgent Care, Emergency Room and prescription copay amounts, if applicable. Deductible and coinsurance amounts for these places of service and coinsurance amounts for other, specific benefits may be included at a later date
    *In the meantime, some ID cards may show a $0 copay for a specific benefit if the member is responsible for a coinsurance amount for the benefit
  • If applicable, the name of the plan’s formulary and the prescription drug copay or coinsurance amount

 Participants of a self-funded (ASO) New York situs plan administered by Oxford will now see their plan’s funding type (i.e., self-funded) on their ID card. The other changes to the New York fully insured member ID card outlined above do not apply to the ID card for participants of a self-funded plan.

Rollout of the new card requirements

  • This month, Oxford will be mailing new, replacement health plan ID cards for the current coverage period to fully insured members of Oxford groups with a May 1 through July 2021 policy renewal or effective date
  • Fully insured members and self-funded plan participants with an August 1, 2021 and later policy renewal or effective date received the new version of the ID card according to their standard ID card delivery timeline, prior to their group’s policy effective or renewal date
  • Fully insured members and self-funded plan participants of new groups and groups that have not yet renewed also will receive the new version of the ID card according to the standard timeline