PGP Partner Spotlight: Garner Engagement-Based HRA

How can Garner benefit your clients? Garner is a simple plan addition that drives more care to the highest quality doctors nearby, generating significant savings and better health outcomes for both fully-insured and self-insured groups. 5-20%+ savings for employers Lower out of pocket for employees Simple setup Keep existing network and carrier How does Garner work? With more claims… Read More

New Partnership/Webinar: Aura – the new standard in digital security benefits

PGP Partner Spotlight: Aura’s Digital Wellness Solution Broker Learning Webinar on Tuesday Sept 14 at 10 AM EST If a criminal breaks into your house, they can steal jewelry, electronics, or other physical possessions. But if they hack into your phone, computer, or online accounts, they have access to your entire life. Employers offer benefits to protect physical, mental,… Read More

Webinar: Ease Broker’s Open Enrollment Readiness Report

Ease 2021 Q4 Preparedness Report Webinar Date/Time: August 26, 2021 at 3:00 PM ET Register Now With open enrollment season approaching, you need every advantage you can get to deliver unforgettable service and a seamless experience to your clients. Are you ready? Attend this exclusive webinar with Ease and PGP to unlock key insights into the upcoming… Read More

PGP Energy Reminder: earn residual income & save clients money on energy expenses

As you probably know, many states have deregulated the public energy utilities. This deregulation has opened up the marketplace to competition and businesses are now allowed to shop the market to see if they can find a more cost-effective supplier to purchase their electric and gas supply from. The utility will still deliver the electricity… Read More

MHPNJ – Attorney Letter Regarding Assessment 8.3 Update

8.3.2021 MHPNJ PLAN COMMUNICATION REGARDING EMPLOYER ASSESSMENT (LETTER FROM ATTORNEY) See most recent communication just released from Members Health Plan of New Jersey Dear Sir or Madam: Please be advised that this firm serves as counsel to APEMT/MHPNJ (the “Trust”). As we are sure you are aware, the Trust is currently in a “wind down… Read More