Aetna chief executive says Obamacare is in a ‘death spiral’

THE WASHINGTON POST By Carolyn Y. Johnson February 15 This story has been updated and corrected. Aetna chief executive Mark Bertolini said Wednesday that the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges — the marketplaces where consumers can buy individual health coverage under President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law — are in a “death spiral.” Bertolini’s remarks at… Read More

Aetna to Pull Back From Public Health Care Exchanges

THE NEW YORK TIMES By ROBERT PEAR AUG. 16, 2016 WASHINGTON — In a blow to President Obama’s health care law, Aetna, one of the nation’s major insurers, said Monday that it would sharply reduce its participation in the law’s public marketplaces next year. Aetna said it would no longer offer individual insurance products on… Read More

U.S. officials preparing to block Anthem and Aetna takeovers

Justice Department officials are concerned the deals to acquire Cigna and Humana, respectively, would harm customers, according to people familiar with the situation CRAIN’S July 19, 2016 2:50 p.m. Updated 07/19/2016 U.S. antitrust officials are poised to file lawsuits to block Anthem Inc.’s takeover of rival health-insurer Cigna Corp. and Aetna Inc.’s deal to buy… Read More

UnitedHealth to Pull Back From Insurance Exchanges, Citing Losses

New York Times By REED ABELSON APRIL 19, 2016 The UnitedHealth Group, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, told investors on Tuesday that it continued to lose hundreds of millions of dollars selling individual policies under the federal health care law. The company said it planned to pull out of a majority of states… Read More

UnitedHealth will drop out of most ACA exchanges

MODERN HEALTHCARE By Bob Herman April 19, 2016 UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen Hemsley said Tuesday the health insurance and services conglomerate will pull out of most of its Affordable Care Act marketplaces. But the company won’t bail on the exchanges completely and will sell individual plans in a “handful” of states. “We cannot broadly serve… Read More

N.J. lawmakers: Did Horizon stigmatize some hospitals?

NJ.Com By Susan K. Livio March 08, 2016 at 7:20 AM, updated March 09, 2016 at 2:28 AM TRENTON — Can a hospital labeled “tier 2” be first-rate? That’s the basic question driving the legal battles over the OMNIA insurance plans Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey began offering in January. It also… Read More

LETTER: OMNIA expanding consumer choices

DAILY RECORD 12:05 a.m. EST February 24, 2016 If there is one thing that the Summit Medical Group has learned from the millions of patients our physicians have treated over the last 85 years, it’s that they want the kind of care that helps them live well and stay well. I believe most New Jerseyans… Read More

Aetna CEO Has `Serious Concerns’ About Obamacare Sustainability

by Zachary Tracer BLOOMBERG BUSINESS February 1, 2016 — 11:19 AM EST The head of the third-biggest U.S. health insurer said he has “serious concerns” about whether or not Obamacare’s new markets are sustainable, echoing criticism from other top for-profit insurers. “We continue to have serious concerns about the sustainability of the public exchanges,” Aetna… Read More

UnitedHealth Raises Forecast for Losses on Affordable Care Act Plans

Enrollment increased despite efforts to curtail exchange sign-ups THE WALL STREET JOURNAL By Anna Wilde Mathews Updated Jan. 19, 2016 7:06 p.m. ET UnitedHealth Group Inc. said its projected losses on the Affordable Care Act exchanges for 2016 deepened as enrollment grew despite the company's efforts to reduce sign-ups. The biggest U.S. health insurer said… Read More

UnitedHealth Says N.Y. Obamacare Plans Could Be in Trouble

Bloomberg Business Zachary Tracer January 6, 2016 — 12:48 PM EST UnitedHealth Group Inc., the largest U.S. health insurer, said its rates for Obamacare plans in New York may be too low because the failure of a competing insurer last year might lead to shortfalls in payments designed to stabilize Obamacare markets. In states like… Read More