Broker Webinar Registration Reminder: Vertical Fox Benefits Procurement and Management Platform

Learn how you can leverage technology to supercharge your growth.

Register for our Vertical Fox Broker Learning Webinar by clicking on either date below. 

Register for Thursday, February 16, 2023, 10am

Register for Thursday, March 2nd, 2023, 10am

Our new Partner, Vertical Fox,  is a comprehensive cloud-based proprietary software solution for large groups that allows you to deliver results in real-time with proposals, client dashboards, financial comparisons and more. This cutting edge platform is designed to help brokers: 

  • Win more large group business with a clear differentiator that jumps out at prospects and helps drive new sales.
  • Retain more large group clients by providing a unique client experience that makes your relationship more collaborative and stickier.
  • Settle large group renewals faster with real time analytical tools that allow you to conduct better meetings with the C-suite.