Announcing the OMNIA Health Alliance

Christopher M. Lepre
Senior Vice President, Market Business Units
September 10, 2015

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is announcing important and exciting news today that will benefit our mutual customers. As one of our key broker partners, I wanted to make sure you understand what we are announcing today and what it means to our mutual customers.

Horizon BCBSNJ has created a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the OMNIA Health Alliance, with several leading health systems across the state and a major multispecialty physician group to transform how health care is delivered and financed in New Jersey.

Traditional health care is too costly.

The traditional fee-for-service health care system usually treats people only after they get sick. Hospitals and doctors are paid for the amount of services and tests they perform. This, naturally, encourages more health care services, but not necessarily better patient outcomes or experiences.

Under the traditional fee-for-service system, New Jersey has become the fourth most expensive state for health insurance. Your clients are concerned about these rising costs. So are we.

A new approach and new alliance will transform health care in New Jersey.

Transforming health care in New Jersey is a big goal. We knew we could not do it alone. So we have created an alliance with some of the top names in New Jersey health care, who share our vision and our commitment.

The OMNIA Health Alliance believes a better and more efficient health care system rewards hospitals and doctors for keeping individuals healthy and for the quality, not the quantity, of health care individuals receive. We believe high-quality health care can cost less and provide a better overall patient experience.

The OMNIA Health Alliance organizations share a vision of a better health care system for
New Jersey. More importantly, we have agreed to collaborate to successfully make it happen. This is an unprecedented alliance and a fundamental change in how Horizon BCBSNJ, the state's largest health insurance company, will work with some of the top hospital systems and physicians in the state.

The OMNIA Health Alliance is a commitment from some of the top names in health care.

The OMNIA Health Alliance includes several of the leading health care organizations in
New Jersey:

– Atlantic Health System
– Barnabas Health
– Hackensack University Health Network
– Hunterdon Medical Center
– Inspira Health Network
– Robert Wood Johnson Health System
– Summit Medical Group

The OMNIA Health Alliance, over the next several years, will develop new and innovative approaches that reward hospitals and physicians for keeping individuals healthy through increased population health management as well as providing more integrated, coordinated care. We will dedicate both intellectual and financial resources to improve the quality of health care, enhance the patient experience, and lower the total cost of health care in New Jersey.

As a result of the OMNIA Health Alliance commitment, our mutual customers will have new and more affordable health insurance options.

Innovative new health plans with lower premiums and lower out-of-pocket cost options.

Next month, Horizon BCBSNJ will unveil a suite of new, innovative products providing more affordable health insurance options effective January 1, 2016. The new plans will feature:

– Lower monthly premiums;
– Access to Horizon BCBSNJ's largest hospital and doctor networks; and
– Options for significant out-of-pocket savings.

Horizon BCBSNJ's new suite of products will give our mutual customers just what they have been looking for: access to quality care at a lower cost and enhanced member experience.

The OMNIA Health Alliance can successfully change health care in New Jersey.

Can we successfully change the way we finance and deliver health care in New Jersey?
Yes, we believe we can. Can some of the top health care organizations in New Jersey collaborate more effectively to improve consumers' health care experience?
Yes, we've committed to doing so.

When such a large number of major health care organizations come together and agree on a shared vision, it creates great power for change. We're calling it the Power of YES.

I will update you on our new innovative product launch in a few weeks. Thank you for your partnership. I'm looking forward to working with you and an exciting and prosperous 2016.

Learn more at, and see why some are describing the OMNIA Health Alliance as a real “game-changer� for New Jersey's health care system.