Amerihealth COVID-19 Deferral Request Process

See below guidance from Amerihealth regarding their Premium Grace Period Policy

1. Amerihealth Fully Insured Group Policyholders Deferral Request Process

  • Premium Referral Request Deadlines Large and Small Group:
    • To defer May premium the request with all required documents must be submitted by 3 PM on May 15 to your PGP Representative – no exceptions.
  • AmeriHealth Small Group Policyholders – Groups must complete this Deferred Premium Agreement and can request to defer May 2020 premium.
  • Amerihealth Large Groups Policyholders – For 51+ groups to be eligible for the Deferred Premium Program, they must provide an attestation letter signed by the senior financial officer of the group or by their CPA, stating that they are experiencing financial hardship caused by COVID-19 and state that they want to defer their May 2020 premium. The group also needs to complete the Deferred Premium Agreement

For groups to request deferral of premium they must be paid to date, so if they are requesting a deferral for May, they must have paid their April premium in full as billed.

Regarding payback of the deferred premium, that will be spread out evenly starting 60 days after the deferred month and completing the payments by 12/1, see attached Payment Deferral Scenario for an example.

2. Amerihealth Individual Policyholders Deferral Policy

  • If an individual member does not make payment for their April or May premium, they are automatically put into the deferral program. They can only do this for one month, so if they don’t pay their April premium, that is deferred but then they must pay May’s premium. Any deferred premium must be paid in full by December 1, 2020. The deferred premium will be spread out starting 60 days after the deferred premium due date. For example, if a member defers April’s premium, they will then start to be charged a portion of that premium on their June invoice and an equal amount will be charged on all invoices through 12/1.
  • Click here for our Individual Market Edge Brochure explaining this in detail.