Aetna Prescription Drug Data Collection Update: Aetna has advised they will be requiring Plan Sponsors to complete an Online Form by 4/12/2024.

See below from Aetna

In 2024, Aetna will require the following data from all plan sponsors included in Aetna’s D1 file:

  • Total premium paid by members for the reference year
  • Total premium paid by employer for the reference year
  • Funding Arrangement
  • Issuer Name/Legal Entity

If a self-insured plan sponsor requests to be excluded from Aetna’s D1 file, you do not need to complete this data collection process. Instead, contact your account representative to request an exception.

To learn more about the reporting requirements, refer to the

RxDC Reporting Instructions.

What Plan Sponsors need to do: Complete the fields provided in this form no later than 4/12/2024.

If any plan sponsor does not provide the requested data by 4/12, Aetna will submit the report without the required plan sponsor data. Failure to respond with complete and correct information will impact our ability to accurately report on the plan sponsor’s behalf, and Aetna will not be responsible for any liability associated with the inaccurate report. It may be necessary for you to submit this information to CMS directly