Aetna Funding Advantage New Business Administrative Fee Credit

Email Sent 6/6/19
Starting with July 1 effective dates, your new business Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) groups can get a one-time administrative fee credit of $45 per subscriber

Please note – Aetna will be providing this administrative fee credit to any group that simply OFFERS a Whole Health Plan, even if there’s no enrollment into the Whole Health Plan.

Here are the details:

  • The employer must offer at least one Aetna Whole Health medical plan – NJ. Actual enrollment in the Aetna Whole Health medical plan – NJ is not a requirement.
  • Available to new business New Jersey headquartered (5-100*) AFA plan sponsors.
  • Available for 7/1/19 through 12/1/19 effective dates.
  • If your group satisfies the above three items, the one-time administrative fee credit will be $45 Aetna enrolled subscriber.
  • Administrative fee credit applies to the second AFA bill. If the credit is larger than the group’s second month of administrative fees, we will credit the remaining amount to the third bill.
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