ADP TotalSource is offering a Fall Broker Promo

DP TotalSource is offering a Fall Broker Promo. Please Find Details below.  

  • For brokers to qualify – groups must have a minimum of 20 worksite employees.
  • Eligible Leads must be submitted between Sept 1 and Nov 30 and start with ADP TotalSource by 1/31/23

Four Qualifier Buckets:

  • Client size 20-49 – $2,000 Case Bonus
  • Client size 50-99 – $4,000 Case Bonus
  • Client size 100-199 – $7,500 Case Bonus
  • Client size 200+ – $10,000 Case Bonus

Promo Criteria:

  • New leads must be submitted by firm between 9/1/22 to 11/30/22 for the TotalSource PEO product and must have a documented sales process in Salesforce, influence sales are not eligible.

  • Referral cannot already be in a sales process with ADP

  • ADPTS DM Must be given direct access to the referred prospect(s) at start of sales process to qualify for promo

  • Payroll must start by 1/31/23 for firm to qualify for promo

  • Minimum started employee count must be 20 work site employees (WSE) or greater on payroll 

  • All sold clients must purchase FULL PEO product and must include full benefits

  • Promo bonus will be paid in the April 2023 commissions