A COVID-19 Update from Delta Dental

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We are writing to update you on Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut’s response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. We have activated our business continuity plan to ensure appropriate support continues. Our offices and call center are temporarily suspended until further notice. All associates who are able to are working remotely.

Since we are currently unable to process paper checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the only way for us to pay broker commission. We are transitioning all commissions paid via check to EFT, a much more efficient process that safeguards both our employees and brokers and allows us to continue to make payments in a timely manner. EFT allows your commissions to be deposited directly into your bank account within three days of processing.

Please enroll no later than March 31 by completing and returning the EFT form along with a copy of a voided check or a letter from your bank confirming your account information. Please return the completed form and accompanying documents by fax or email:

Fax: 973-285-4110
Email: commissions@DeltaDentalNJ.com

Commission statements will be sent electronically to your email address.

Staying connected

  • We continue to receive and pay claims.
  • Our website is available for members and dentists to verify eligibility, review covered benefits, check claim status, obtain EOBs and print ID cards at DeltaDentalNJ.com
  • Customer Service is not taking live calls. The Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) is operational 24/7 for self-service. The phone number is 800-452-9310.
  • Questions can be directed to our web portal at DeltaDentalNJ.com/ContactUs

Enrollment/Eligibility (51+ groups)

  • Manual eligibility updates: log into our employer portal to view and process eligibility updates in real time. If you have been authorized and need to obtain your username and password, send an email to eliginquiry@DeltaDentalNJ.com.
  • Electronic file eligibility (EDI files) are processed within 2 business days of receipt.
  • Manual enrollment changes can also be sent to eliginquiry@DeltaDentalNJ.com or faxed to 973-285-4142.

Billing (51+ groups)

  • For self-funded employers with weekly claim debits: We will continue to debit claims that are paid in the prior week and notify you via the weekly/monthly claims invoice.
  • For fully-insured employers with monthly premium debits: We will continue to debit premiums on a monthly basis.

Allied Administrators (2-50 groups)

  • Allied Administrators is continuing full operations during the current public health situation. Self-service online functionality is available as usual. The customer service team is available to help and can be reached via (415) 989-7443, or by emailing cs@alliedadministrators.com.
  • To change eligibility, Employee and Group information, or to pay premiums, please visit the Allied Administrators Small Business Program Portal at www.alliedadministrators.com. For adds and deletes, you may use the portal or e‐mail info@alliedadministrators.com.
  • Once autopay is set up, there is no further action needed. The payment will process each month on the day they preselect. There is an autopay option for setting a payment threshold. For example: the group can ensure the payment does not autopay if the billed amount is over a certain amount. In that case, they would need to initiate the payment manually.

Dental Care

  • In the event of a dental emergency (generally includes the following symptoms: severe pain, acute infection, swelling, and/or persistent bleeding), we suggest customers first contact their regular dentist to service and guide their care options.
  • We are surveying dentists to determine those open for emergencies with new patients, and we’ll post this on our website.
  • In addition, since many exams during the COVID-19 emergency are virtual, we will cover remote screening exams for emergency diagnosis.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We will continue to provide updates as conditions change. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or email.