Horizon SEH Product Portfolio Updates for Plan Year 2022

See below Horizon Brief Notes Regarding SEH Product Portfolio Updates for Plan Year 2022

Applies to: Small Employer market

SEH Product Portfolio Updates for Plan Year 2022

Horizon is updating its Small Employer Health (SEH) product portfolio for 2022. Please read this Brief Notes for important information on a new health plan offering, OMNIA Platinum Value, as well as health and dental plan changes for 2022.

What’s New? OMNIA Platinum Value.
OMNIA Platinum Value gives small employers a lower cost, benefit-rich Platinum plan. OMNIA Platinum Value benefits are similar to our OMNIA Platinum plan, but with small increases in member out-of-pocket costs, resulting in a lower monthly premium.

What’s Changing With Our SEH Plans?
Please choose a product name below to see what’s changing for 2022. Changes will become effective when a small employer customer renews in to one of the impacted Horizon health plans.

Beginning November 1, 2021, Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC) documents for our 2022 SEH plans will be available on HorizonBlue.com and when you sign in to Broker Online Services at HorizonBlue.com/brokers.

Small employer customers that offer a health plan that will be modified for 2022 will receive two SBCs — one for their 2021 health plan that is effective until the time of their renewal, and one for use on and after their renewal that includes the modifications to the plan effective upon renewal.

What’s Changing With Our Horizon Dental Plans?
For plan year 2022, members enrolled Horizon Young Grins, Horizon Family Grins or Horizon Family Grins Plus will see an increase in their annual limit on cost-sharing. For child dependents under the age of 19 years, the annual limit is $375 for one child and $750 for two or more children. Additionally, for members over the age of 19 years enrolled in Horizon Family Grins Plus, the benefit period maximum excluding orthodontics, will be a combined in and out-of-network amount of $1,500, an increase of $500 from plan year 2021.

All other dental benefits will remain the same for calendar year 2022, and are subject to change per Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines.

Click on the link below for the full 2022 Horizon Small Group Plan Brochure.