2024 Connecticut Continuing Education Course and Virtual Test

PGP is sponsoring a 2024 Connecticut 24-credit Continuing Education Virtual Course/Test titled: White Collar Crime. 

Sign up for this self-study course then take your test at home to fulfill your Continuing Education requirements. This 24-credit course includes 20 Life / Health credits, and 4 Law / Ethics credits as now required by the state of Connecticut to renew your license

Registration Instructions:

  1. Go to https://link.edgepilot.com/s/7cc33c5c/UGgKoLlTvES-RJ6Ve_HXZQ?u=https://www.mycelive.com/courses/ct-white-collar-crime
  2. Click “Buy Now”, then under the price click “Have a coupon?”
  3. Use Coupon Code: pgp10 for the discounted price of $90 from $100 (includes the cost to report credits). 
  4. Take your test online with instant grading and immediate re-takes.
  5. Credit reported to CT DOI within 24 hours